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Edwin Shalom Slonim
Managing Director

Mr. Slonim has over thirty years of experience with high technology companies in the U.S., Israel and Australia, including senior management positions in Intel and CEO of prominent Israeli startups.

Edwin is serving as a director of start-up companies in the software, communications and medical devices industries, and as a management and marketing consultant to venture capital firms and high tech companies. Mr. Slonim was Executive Vice-Chairman of Denx Ltd, (ASX:DNX), from 2003 until 2005, a leading manufacturer of technology for Image Guided Dentistry, and the first Israeli company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Previously Edwin was CEO of OpTun, an optical networking component startup in Israel, Germany and the USA, which has raised over $20M from leading VC firms including Benchmark Capital, and acquired the WDM operation of Infineon Technologies, before being acquired by Neo-Photonics. Previously, he was the Director of Information Technology for Intel's three plants in Israel, and held a variety of positions at Intel in the United States and Israel, instituting business development activities for Intel Israel (Intel Capital), and managing CAD development, and software research and development efforts for Intel products.

Edwin is also an active member of the Israel Venture Network, a group of high-tech entrepreneurs committed to furthering a pluralistic and harmonious society in Israel through the deployment of innovative and venture-based strategies. The mission of the Israel Venture Network is to identify, develop and support initiatives that strengthen democracy in Israel, ensure sustainable economic growth, and increase access to the educational opportunities necessary for success in Israeli society.